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Welcome to Mattawan Artisan Creamery located in Mattawan, Michigan on KalCarbon Acres Farm.  Mattawan Artisan Creamery produces artisan goat cheese and fresh yogurt using only natural ingredients.

Our farm-raised and managed herd of goats roam freely in lush, open pastures and are not exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. 

Our cow milk Greek-style yogurt uses freshly delivered whole milk from cows raised at Moo-nique Dairy in Vandalia, Michigan using the same all-natural approach.

Heritage TURKEYS are now available for reservation for Thanksgiving!  We have Bourbon Red Turkeys that have been fed pasture and non-medicated feed.  Please email us through the contact page or call Steve at 269.598.9291 to make a reservation.  They will be butchered the Monday before Thanksgiving, so they will be fresh, not frozen!

NEW in JULY 2013: Donkey driven tours of the farm are available by appointment for $5/person.  Wholesale cheese prices are also available on farm for those taking a tour.  Call 269.668.4218 for directions or email us on the contact page if you are interested.  We will do this until the snow starts. 

Here are two short video clips that tell the story of Mattawan Artisan Creamery.  We hope you enjoy!

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